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Trends and opportunities for Thai workers

     With the establishment of production, no less. The machinery must go 24 hours experiencing severe labor shortage. Because local workers are not popular work shift change. Especially the night shift. A survey of these activities. Found that workers need at least 30,000 people of Taiwan, Ministry of Economics. CLA has been in discussions with employers to consider allowing a business which need to produce during the night time is from 22.00 to 06.00 am the following day and real time production of at least 1 hour and Industry Affairs Department confirmed. that is 1 in 45 operations (called the Administration Affairs 3 UK is a heavy work, dirty and dangerous) that are necessary. Need to import foreign workers. Can apply to import foreign workers in the ratio of local workers hired 3 people to import foreign workers when 2 people or those employing traditional race or disability. Or older workers to work 1 person is allowed to import foreign workers as the number 2 person foreign workers each company can import them. Must not exceed 15 per cent share of local workers within the company.


     Matter falling such. Intention to submit to the Department of Industry. Ministry of Economics has until January 18, 2550 and the CLA will notify the submission steps importing foreign workers during the months from March to April this Friday.


     Presence in the network for permission to import foreign workers who number 10,000 in this 45 business categories, such as plant type foundry plant manufacturing plastic products factory mixed cement plant foods chilled spinning tanning and manufacturing polyester Tile Inc.. knots, etc. The crowd since January 2550 have since found that employers and recruitment companies to apply for import of Thai workers increased significance. Especially for imported Thai workers to work in business, and melt steel and metal processing.