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             Economy of Taiwan, began to recover. Manufacturing industry. Whether or high-tech industries.

             Traditional industries. Are increasing production and exports significantly. Resulting demand for foreign workers increased by by. From the statistics of the Labor Committee, or CLA, Taiwan at the end of the month of November 2552 found that foreign workers in Taiwan are all running more than 349,433 people in October 1815 in the number of people are foreign workers in the manufacturing sector, 175,046 people. more than 1463 people in October, but if compared with the same period last year, 30,117 people continue to decrease in foreign workers to work as a curator and assistant work home or social welfare sectors. Continues to increase continuously as well as 174,387 people, compared with the previous month, up 352 people, but if compared with the same period last year, an increase of 6,274 people shows that the elderly in Taiwan increased rapidly. Demand for foreign curator.  

             To care for the elderly. Increased continuously. The measures are open to families with elderly people 80-90 years can import foreign curator without a medical certificate is. Asked a protest because the pod.  

             Strength of Ss. CLA has slowed the opposition party out of this temporary measure. To public hearing. And gather feedback from most people. Brought into discussions at the meeting in mid-January this year.

             Number of foreign workers in all 349,433 people working in the rear most position to 172,079 foreign workers who captured 49.25 percent of total number of households is 163,277 people who take care of people who look after the corporate 8802, followed by a worker. working in the manufacturing sector, there were 164,697 people represented 47.13 per cent followed by the fishing crew of 6,337 people for the construction sector is only 4,012 people and 2,308 people who helped work house.

              If viewed from the country and then exported. Because of the increasing number of kindergarten. And popular Taiwanese curator hired Indonesia. Resulted in a significant number of Indonesian workers to the 138,538 people held accounted for.

             39.65 per cent of workers, including No. 2 Vietnam 77,957 people represented 22.31 per cent followed by the Philippines, 71,310 workers who captured 20.41 percent of Thai workers placed the last remains of 61,616 people has captured 17.63 per cent increase is not very even. But as the numbers increased for the first time in around 5 years.

             If the view from Taoyuan area was an industrial city. Foreign workers are working in the manufacturing sector most of 47,287 people represented 26.01 per cent in the number of Thai workers is 17,142 people, followed by Taipei District include. Or Taipei flog. The foreign workers working in this amount are 21,632 people in 7,984 Thai workers, but if people see the foreign workers in the sector and social welfare. Taipei area has a curator working on the most, followed by 35,854 people, including District Taipei. Taipei 21632, or flog people.

             Workers in foreign executives and professionals. Or labor-level White Collection seat is at the end of November 2552 a total 25,404 people in this amount is specialized in the most 13,162 people, followed by a teacher teaching in institutions cram 5799 people and instructors in institutions 2327 people if. view.

             The country then. Japanese have the most number of 6,900 people by 4942 with U.S. expert from Thailand, one of the 263 people.