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Problems affecting the employment of Thai workers

     From the Thai workers in Taiwan, a number of demonstrators gathered employers and progression into a package Raj million overnight Sunday, August 21, 2548, with the last fires burning buildings and property. Although such events are no injuries and death. But damage is approximately 10 million baht by Thai construction workers are employed because of its twisting You scratch war tab Randy Francis Ray Cooper Corporation Limited (Kaohsiung Rapid Transit Corporation: KRTC) that is building Metro. scratch in a war in the South of Taiwan.


     For reasons that cause the assembly to protest the Thai workers to escalate Raj million was paid. Due to the Thai people do not like rules too strict party employers. And the Thai people feel the strain. And cause dissatisfaction with the protest. But in most situations is to unravel the peace. The Thai workers returned to work as usual.


     Disturbance events of Thai workers in Taiwan have occurred many times in the last 2-3 years but no serious incidents as this. Shows that Thai workers working in Taiwan are feeling the strain within the time waiting on mine. Therefore, the Thai government and the party needed Taiwanese employers must focus. And to accelerate the problem quickly before the event may be recurring in the past as a number of Thai workers clash with Filipino workers.



    Thai Farmers Research Center of the opinion that the problem of sending Thai workers to work in Taiwan is the largest to consider carefully. Because. Thai workers in Taiwan to mark a foreign returned to Thailand in 2547 to 16,207 million baht, which helped resolve the current account deficit (Current Account) is part of the country.


    In addition, Taiwan is a market overseas Thai workers in one of the largest current. While shipments of Thai workers to foreign countries also have impact on other related factors such as debt burden of workers to borrow money to spend before traveling to each 100,000 to 150,000 baht is also a cover.


     Kitchen worker to receive money from Thai workers abroad with nearly 1 billion more per year while the family problems that may be high unemployment in the country if workers have to travel back in time to.


Recruitment companies act to send workers overseas nearly 1 billion company to be with prejudice.


     Therefore, solving the problem of delivery workers to work in Taiwan would require cooperation from all parties come together. Both employees and employers through its recruitment, especially in preparing workers before traveling abroad. Providing knowledge and access on a contract and regulations of the employer. Tracking the lives of Thai workers closely. A telephone hotline for workers to Thailand to call from overseas. And must be training workers to work as a high salary.