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General issues of Thai workers

Thai workers in Taiwan problem.



1) problems arising from employers.


    *** Some employers impose the worker has not delivered the Revenue Department. When having trouble out of business. Employees must go back many taxpayers. And some receive a refund of excess tax paid by employees and the Revenue Department. Not delivered to the employee. Or refunded but not fully.


    *** Many employers do not agree to pay the plane fare back to the employee. They claim that the employee signed a consent to pay themselves. Or use less air fare from wage and withholding deposit money. Or other income. When the employee works full contract. Which require that employers must be responsible for air fare.


    *** Employers to pay overtime does not meet reality. The rate paid in a single round. Or pay by the piece.


    *** Almost all employers will be charged tax deposits or payments on each retreat between 3000 to 5000 Taiwan dollars. There were no legal requirements to do. And without the consent of the employee. In addition, some employers out of business and non-refundable deposit deductions. Take their money. They claim that the employee wrongdoing or escape. And agree to work less because no full agreement. In addition, some have less money to deposit employee lending to other employees of fried. Account or deposit money in the name of the employer deductions for self-interest.


     *** Cut employee wages on employers to stop work orders. Reasons and the needs of employers themselves. Though no less right to pay for day halt work. Or pay compensation, but the work week or next month. The work on weekly holidays. Or a compensation in the evening. Which should be paid overtime.


    *** Charge food and accommodation than 2,500 Taiwan dollars. Arranged accommodation and welfare and food does not meet required.


    *** Employer deducts a penalty if the employee fails to comply with regulations such as dormitories late to 22.00 were Taiwan, $ 1,000 each.


    *** Employers rebuke assault employees. Or strictly control employee.


    *** Some employers pay divided into the other. Separation is a premium industrial base salary and other employees in the event that operations do not target specific lines or lack of performance will be less of that money. Earn wages less than minimum wage law.


    *** Employers send employees to the contract before the end. Without compensation to the law. Or pay less than the rate at which employees should be.


     *** Employers / companies, some careers. Obtain insurance, workers filed subvention. Money or compensation if employees suffer harm. Or death then. Not transfer or offer to employees, some employers out of this. Not meet the Army to send money and labor insurance fund health insurance fund. Or delivered to delays.


     *** If an employee accident or illness. Some employers do not lead to medical attention. Or do not care to pay such compensation or replacement. By the employee should be. Some employees and soon sent back before treatment disappeared.


     *** Many employers owe wages. Pay delay. Or change the status of employees and contractors daily income pay a contractor a piece of daily income.


     *** Proof of employers do not pay (Pay Slip) to allow employees to read Thai innocent. And is exploit.


     *** Employers do not pay / compensation for annual holiday provided the employee has not stopped

(7 days per year) or do not qualify for the holidays.


     *** Employers charged water / power increase from the employee. And does not provide identification to employees and still stay mobile.


     *** Many plant conditions threatening the health of employees, particularly dust, odor, chemicals, hot air does not transfer systems. Not enough light. Noise exceeds the standard, etc., and defenseless. Materials to employees.


     *** When a job to do less. Some employers to transfer employees to other employers do. Or its subsidiaries. Allows employees should be entitled to receive such new employer does not fully work with 1 – 2 years will be issued to own plane fare.



2) problems arising from employment, Taiwan.


     *** Careers Taiwan companies to charge more. When no rights because they were collected monthly fee every month already, such as car up to the hospital. To take the test treatment when sick. Value car from the airport when arriving and when returned. Passport renewal costs exceed the fees actually charged. Value in foreign currency exchange rates lower than market price. Excess baggage fees at rates higher than the airline set. Value per contract workers working full time 1 year or 2 years, etc..


     *** Careers Taiwan companies charge monthly statements between 5 to 10 months and charge monthly from the employee to work in Round 2 (year 4) with the same employer at the rate of new start is. 1,800 Taiwan dollars per month.


    *** Careers Taiwan companies charged employees. They claim that a loan of. Thai financial institutions for a fee from Thailand. (If workers pay less. Between 60,000 to 70,000 baht) and their agents act only as a help for debt transfer to employees only.


     *** Not responsible for problems between employees and employers. Take care not to employee illness treated. Not protect the right benefits for employees should be fair.


     *** Interpreters are not able to assist knowledge workers. Cause many cases. Employees must be punished because of problems caused by an interpreter.


     *** Notice the number of employees will be more than the actual needs of the employer during that time. The claim for allowance for the period ahead. And the quota has been sent to its recruitment of Thai workers to recruit and billing statements Ceahaw. Though there are no jobs.



3) problems arising from the employment of Thai.


     *** Charges (Ceahaw) expensive than a standard set of data CLA. For more Thai workers found that 45 per cent more than 150,000 baht charge 45 percent charge between 100,000 to 140,000 baht and 10 percent charge less than 100,000 baht as a result of competitive purchasing jobs.


    *** CLA has requested assistance to countries exporting labor service recruitment and separation costs apart. And offered employment Thai charges careers up minimum wage in 1 month and configuration service careers. To cut jobs from entry fees to buy out Taiwan. Also announced the recruitment of Taiwan do not charge fees from the sale of another job on November 9, 2544, but since such measures would not be able to practice.


     *** Company of Thailand to provide workers signed a letter of consent to pay for own return trip ticket. To sign in as the airport for departure to Taiwan to work. The employee must agree. Otherwise, will not travel.


     *** Thai recruitment company employee assigned to work in one location. But when the real work to pound one another. Or notification that a comfortable accommodation with OT work full 2 year contract, etc., but when has returned to Taiwan is not reported and unable to change jobs. Many employees must take back when the month is not. It does not tolerate working conditions.



4) problems arising from the laws and regulations of Taiwan.


     *** Fixed wage of $ 17,280, Taiwan. Whether paid to work in any position. Or work experience many years ago. Rates do not reflect the realities of economic and social.


     *** Regulations, taxation, unfair and inflexible. The employees and the general low income. Taxable in the case of 20 percent to 183 day work does not end in imposition. (Back to work on July 2) as the people who have high income.


     *** Employees fully 2-year or 3 year contract and will resume with the same employer the same position. And pay the same rate. Must go outside and start process. That need to cost hundreds of thousands more baht. To resume a new round.


     *** Charges a monthly employee must have been broken multiple laws, including food and accommodation costs of $ 2,500 per month, Taiwan. Labor Insurance Fund contribution of $ 191 per month, Taiwan. Health insurance fund contributions of $ 235 per month, Taiwan, 6 percent tax (if resident in Taiwan reached 183 days) U.S. $ 1037 per month, Taiwan. Or 20 per cent tax (if home is not complete 183 days) U.S. $ 3456 per month, Taiwan. Taiwan fee monthly employment during 1500 to 1800 Taiwan dollars. The aggregate cost monthly deductions will be approximately 7,463 to 13,000 Taiwan dollars per month. While wages of foreign employees was 17,280 dollars a month, Taiwan only.


     *** Working employees who work and home tutor. Not be protected. Or is not subject to the laws protecting workers. To the risk of hard work. From infected patients. No time or holiday stay. No overtime. Controlled oppression. Or sexual harassment by employers. But must pay monthly fee from the same supplier.    


     *** Terms of migration and employers to contract work to set fixed CLA. Disadvantage and enables employees are not easy and fair. If employers must work with the poor and want to change jobs.



5) Problems arising from the conduct of Thai workers themselves.


     *** Drinking and unreasonable. Which cause other problems such as drunk alcohol to cause controversy because each death is killed dead, car accident injury disability. The number of Thai people in prison Taiwan ผู้ต้องขัง majority than 60 percent of the drug problem.


     *** Spending lavishly. Taiwan is currently in business, entertainment sources such as restaurants, pubs, disco, karaoke at Tech to open the illegal variety. Some residential radio station of illegal advertising to attract workers to use. If no money can pay by installments to pay for food later. The workers put the cards are guaranteed residence and pay 20 percent interest per month.


     *** Problem due to the use of mobile phones. Cheap mobile phones in Taiwan. Buy easily. Workers are used widely. Benefit is to make contact with the home easier. But the disadvantage is followed. A higher average cost per month from 1000 to 5000 Taiwan dollars. Also, contact with friends is easier. Appointments to each other to find the cruise with drinking. Find entertainment in place of services easier. When joyously fun no money left to send it home. Hurt Some workers lack knowledge. When the SIM card will be left to the indiscretion. Enable, among other things to keep in illegal benefits. Cause problems for workers to follow. Register as proof of purchase of SIM cards. Is the name of the worker.


     *** Drug problem. (Yabga and drug Iceland) Current problems in drug drugs. Among Thai workers in Taiwan, expand up. Distribution is an important source of food sold in the Thai retail price of approximately $ 500 per tablet, Taiwan. If no cash can buy the credit system. When owe more. Will be induced into a sales process. Make drug factories to spread easier.


     *** Borrowing to pay the high interest burden to the Thai restaurant, or even an interpreter and will provide business loans to workers in the rate per cent per month or 20 per cent or 10 per 10 days. higher. The workers who must recover the ATM card available to guarantee it. The loans to the cash itself. Some workers withdraw more than the loan amount. Resulted in no money left to send home. Although money has been answered. Per month instead of up to 20,000 to 30,000 Taiwan dollars. When the home contact will demand workers claimed they were not pay. Some plant problems are connected with the house. Do not send money home to the debt. And home to the complainant asking for the track officials with concerns on a regular basis.


     *** Gambling. Want to buy State blocked the memory. And be occupied with illegal lottery which only gives people the lack of concentration in the running. Still owe a lot to the croupier, the majority of restaurants and entertainment venues.


     *** Escape employers. If not returned to the factory than 3 days notice that the employer has the right workers escape. When workers want to return the country will need to surrender. And pay a fine between 1,000 to 10,000 Taiwan dollars. Depending on the time escape. During the controlled waiting to return the workers will be responsible for food and other. As well as tickets themselves. Which have shown that many workers escape without enough money for expenses and the CLA has ทวง track through pine associated debt. Taipei is the amount millions of baht.


     *** Other problems include the fraudulent marriage in order to work in Taiwan. Utility bills.